Help Us Shape the Future of Metroplague

I want YOU to make US better!

Since we started Metroplague a mere two weeks ago, it has already been a whirlwind of a journey with SO much support from the Goth and arts communities on a local, national and international level.  We have now simply become and have several new topics coming your way.  Continue reading “Help Us Shape the Future of Metroplague”

Podcast Review: Hillbilly Horror Stories Offers Hand-In-Hand Frights & Fun

Comedy and chills make good bedfellows in Hillbilly Horror Stories.

Although hosts Jerry and Tracy Paulley operate out of Kentucky (KY), their haunting airwaves and Southern charm still reach the ears of the Dallas Metroplex.  Hillbilly Horror Stories (HHS) is the name of their weekly podcast, and their mixture of comedy and fright helps the show live up to its catchy name.

HHS is not the average “Horror” podcast.  While it does feature both personal and listener paranormal experiences, the show is no one trick pony. Continue reading “Podcast Review: Hillbilly Horror Stories Offers Hand-In-Hand Frights & Fun”