Review: The Blackwell Ghost

The Blackwell Ghost ReviewWith shows I used to love like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters fading from popularity among viewers due to obvious stunts or just the cheese factor, it was a bit refreshing to see a film like The Blackwell Ghost show up on my recommended feed.  At first glance, I thought this would be a film along the lines of Grave Encounters or other movies of the genre that try to emulate the feeling of watching a “true” documentary ghost show gone wrong.  In fact, I was sure that’s what it was, even after performing some light research before spending 3 dollars on the Amazon rental.  I mean, no one is making real documentaries about ghosts!  This couldn’t be the ONE true documentary where the shit hits the fan and it’s all caught on film……right?

I won’t go into too much detail on the plot since this documentary (which is what I will continue to call it) only clocks in at a tight 59 minutes.  This is a story about an average Joe who just really wants to find proof that ghosts or an afterlife exist.  The protagonist meets a man who claims to live in a haunted house in suburbia Pennsylvania.  The protagonist and his wife are invited to stay a few days to investigate, and that is our setup. This is a dude, with a normal wife, with normal equipment.  There are no gimmicky heat sensors or voice boxes used here folks.  This documentary takes ghost hunting back to its roots with a few handheld cameras, night vision effects, and nothing else.  Think Paranormal Activity (the good one), but you just never really know if the whole thing is a farce or not.

This is a documentary about a normal dude, with a normal wife, with normal equipment.  There are no gimmicky heat sensors or voice boxes used here folks.  This documentary takes ghost hunting back to its roots with a few handheld cameras, night vision effects, and nothing else.  Think Paranormal Activity (the good one), but you just never really know if the whole thing is a farce or not.

In the beginning, I just thought the main character was a doofus and played it up too normal to be believed.  But then, the documentary uses actual examples of “ghosts on film” that have gone viral over the years and sucks the viewer into this world of mystery and, believe it or not, hope, that this other world exists.  I’ll post one of the examples used in the documentary that we all probably know as enthusiasts of the paranormal.

Like I said, this documentary only has a runtime of 59 minutes, so I will not get into the details but head straight into my final thoughts.  If you are remotely interested in the subject matter of ghost hunting, do yourself a favor and rent this movie today.  It has laughs, genuine moments of fear, excellent lore, and the end of it all is truly nail biting without being over the top.  This is a VERY believable movie.

The funny part is, I have been having a hard time trying to find out further information that would lead to my knowing whether it is fact or fiction.  Honestly, I’m okay with either way and have opted to stop digging.  This was a very fun time and even watching it during the day, I was extremely uneasy.

Funny personal note:  After the documentary ended, there was a crash in one of the back rooms of our house.  Being the tough man that I am, I looked at my wife and told her to look. This movie got to me, and that is why I highly recommend it.

This is not a jump scare movie, nor one with a big budget at all.  It is a very simple haunted house documentary that achieves its goal of telling a great story and scaring the pants off of viewers.

Take out your three bucks and put it towards The Blackwell Ghost.  You won’t regret it.

Editorial: Halloween Horror Nights 2017?Announced Mazes

I have been a long-time visitor to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights event in Hollywood, California.  I have never been to the Florida event but it is a “must do” on my bucket list.  Keep that in mind, since I will primarily be focusing on Hollywood’s upcoming event and will only sprinkle in some thoughts on Florida’s currently announced lineup. 

Trouble in Paradise?

That’s right, there was some big buzz on news feeds since the 2016 event that fans were certain to get a maze based on James Wan’s Conjuring series.  Well folks, it does not look like we are going to be getting that anytime soon.  Seeing as author of the book “The Demonologist,” Gerald Brittle is currently in a lawsuit with Warner Brothers Studios regarding the producers not having the rights to properly use the likeliness of Ed and Lorraine Warren.  This is a 900 million dollar issue that Universal surely avoided during their selection process and rights acquisitions for the 2017 season.  Yes, it really sucks, but I can’t blame them for not wanting to get thrown into WB’s quicksand.  

The rumored Hollywood replacement for this maze is said to be a haunt based on horror “it” man Jason Blum’s productions.  Think of this as an anthology house that could include Get Out, Insidious, Lights Out,  Split, Sinister….the list goes on.  This house, based on which films it chooses to portray could either be amazing or complete trash if they opt to re-hash old Purge scenes that we have seen on the streets of Sunset Boulevard and on the backlot for the last four years of HHN.  Time will only tell.

Announced Maze: The Shining

After HHN ringleader John Murray finally obtained the rights to his crown jewel intellectual prouduct The Exorcist, it only seems right that fans get to step inside of another classic.  

Personally, I’m surprised that Murdy did not opt to use The Exorcist again, especially after the success of he maze which had wait times that exceeded 2 1/2 hours. So, it’s out with the old, in with the new and I am loving it!  Yes, The Shining is a slow burn of a movie with maybe 3-5 scenes that could be considered straight horror, but I feel like Murdy is going to be able to pull this one off.  Muddy describes the maze as a glimpse into going insane, and as one of the most difficult mazes to pull off.  

My predictions are we will be seeing the hallway twins in both living and dead forms, the bathroom scene, and of course, Jackie Boy going nuts on the audience with his axe through a simulated hedge maze.  I would love to see the bloody elevator scene happen, but I can’t fathom how they would pull it off without making guests wear rain boots throughout the attraction.  However, something tells me that such an iconic scene in horror will not go unnoticed by the HHN creative team.

Both parks have announced that The Shining will appear at the 2017 event.

Maze Announcement: American Horror Story: Your Roanoke Nightmare

Last year, AHS made its debut at Horror Nights where it essentially showcased three mini-houses for the Murder House, Freak Show, and Hotel (my personal favorite) seasons.  I had a gut feeling that AHS would return this year showcasing Coven, Asylum and Roanoke, and I was both right and wrong in my predictions.

Recently it was announced that Orlando would get all three seasons in one house, and Hollywood would be a solo venture into the most recent season, My Roanoke Nightmare.

Roanoke promo art. Photo Credit: Universal Pictures
Let me preface my next statements by saying that I absolutely LOATHED My Roanoke Nightmare.  It was poorly written, played its plot too close to Murder House and Hotel, and it played with some formatting choices that just came off as a cheap gimmick.

However, while the show was a mess, I can confidently say there was enough content in the season to merit a solo house.  While I thoroughly enjoy Asylum and Coven, I’m eager to see what a solo AHS house can put out for guests of the event.

I would look forward to a scene that portrays being lost in the woods, a basement attack by the witch of the woods or Shelby, a Cannibal scene, and even an appearance by the murderous sister nurses.  Just please, don’t let it be a constant slew of Butcher characters bursting through the walls yelling unintelligible Irish slurs or us being hunted down by the damned Pig Man.  Sadly, judging by promotional pictures, Pig Man is front and center. Yaaaaaaay….

Keep your eyes peeled for more HHN 2017 announcements as the news is released on my end. Until next time, Plague Rats!


Help Us Shape the Future of Metroplague

I want YOU to make US better!

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James O’Barr Spreads His Crow’s Wings Over MetroPlague

It may not be able to rain all of the time, but we won’t let that stop our doom n’ gloom here at Metroplague!  This weekend we caught up with James O’Barr, the creator of the beloved comic series The Crow. 

Mr. O’Barr had only so much time to give his fans at Convergence 23, Dallas, but he gladly spent a minute with us to discuss the origins of The Crow, and how he would fare in a fight against a certain “misfit.”

Check out the sound byte below!