Cutting Edge and Dark Hour Bring the Fear to DFW for the Weekend

Haunted attractions are a thing that Metroplague firmly believes should be celebrated year-round.  Luckily, two haunted attractions in the area feel the same and are putting on some wicked shows this weekend for us DFW locals.

The girls are out this weekend at Dark Hour!
Photo Credit: Dark Hour Haunted House

In our very first article, we discussed Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano and how the haunt runs differently themed attractions each off-season month.  Well, that time of the month has arrived again, and Metroplague has all of the gory details for you Plague Rats.  This Friday and Saturday, Dark Hour presents its Summer Spirits attraction that boasts “You’ll need a ticket, you’ll WANT a priest.”  Take a walk down the haunted halls of an all girl’s school, where something has taken control of the occupants and turned them into something…..otherworldly.

Hours: June 16: 8 PM to 11 PM; June 17: 8 PM to 11 PM

Price: General Admission: $28; Fast Pass: $50.  Tickets can be bought HERE.

Location: 701 Taylor Drive, Plano, TX, 75074

Don’t forget to eat and fuel up before APOC!
Photo Credit: Cutting Edge Haunted House

The second haunt is a SATURDAY ONLY event at Cutting Edge.  Sign your troops up and come out to experience Zombie APOC Army at the creepiest haunt on Lancaster.

Does your team have what it takes to shoot the undead and live to tell about it?  Gear up with military infrared laser training weapons and test your might in a scored event that could lead your team to the August Finals.  This is a limited space event, and tickets are still available.  Grab yours today!


Price: $39.99 HERE.

Location: 1701 E. Lancaster Ave; Fort Worth, TX, 76102

The Haunted Armory Bringing Scares that Care (Gallery Inside)

Angie Stephens poses with one of her many creations that benefit The Haunted Armory.
The love of all things creepy goes hand-in-hand with most of the personalities in the Goth community.  In Metroplague’s opinion, the best way to celebrate the creepiness in life is to visit all of the local haunted attractions of an area during the Halloween season.

However, while many haunted attractions around the nation are very large-scale, for-profit businesses,  DFW is lucky to have a community of haunters that take their businesses to the next level and bring the profits up for a better community. Continue reading “The Haunted Armory Bringing Scares that Care (Gallery Inside)”

Southern Gothic: Interview with a Vampyr

Jackson faces the light of the future head on.

Monte Jackson, AKA, Sans Mortis, is an extremely talented artist, tattoo artist, creator, and shop owner of the Etsy store Shoe Coven.  Did we mention that he also rocks a mean pair of fangs on the daily?

Yes, Metroplague had the chance to organize an actual interview with a vampire.  This Southern gentleman of the night was kind enough to grant our wish, and provided us with a video answering our questions from his very posh looking headquarters.  So sadly, there would be no turning for our reporters during this tale.

During the interview, Jackson discusses the secret to “immortality,” his inspiration for his art and Etsy shop creations, and of course, what his favorite horror film is!  So sit back, relax, and be mesmerized into buying all of his wares as you watch the confessions of Sans Mortis in the video below.


Help Us Shape the Future of Metroplague

I want YOU to make US better!

Since we started Metroplague a mere two weeks ago, it has already been a whirlwind of a journey with SO much support from the Goth and arts communities on a local, national and international level.  We have now simply become and have several new topics coming your way.  Continue reading “Help Us Shape the Future of Metroplague”

Scarborough Renaissance Fair Blends the Beauty with the Beast

Instagram: @kkittydesigns
Showing off her Plague costume. Very fitting for our website!

Even ghouls like us need a staycation every once in a while.  With the family festivities and BBQs of Memorial Day weekend coming to a close, the Metroplague team made their way out to the final day of the Scarborough Renaissance Fair out in Waxahachie, TX! Continue reading “Scarborough Renaissance Fair Blends the Beauty with the Beast”

There Can Never Be Too Much Horror Business!

Devilish Drops works with a guest to help them plan their next blood bath!

Aside from music, fashion and accessories seem to be one of the most surface-level defining elements of Goth culture.  Sure, Goths can be found wearing lots of dark colors, but black isn’t the only thing in fashion these days. Continue reading “There Can Never Be Too Much Horror Business!”