Fear is ‘Hereditary’: A Review

The horror genre is polarizing and what scares audiences is very subjective. Never has this statement been truer than with Ari Aster's first feature-length chiller, Hereditary. To give a synopsis of this film would mean spoiling what should be a premier horror event for audiences. The most we can say about the story is everything you've... Continue Reading →

5 Possession Movies That Grab Ahold of You

Possession movies seem to be a dime a dozen these days. There are some really good ones out there, some extremely bad ones (The Possession), and some very overrated ones. Yes, Veronica, I'm talking about you. At Metroplague we believe in a good-old-fashioned horror binge. So, in honor of Ouija week at the site, here are five possession,... Continue Reading →

Netflix and Kill Review: Re:Mind

In continuation of J-Horror week at Metroplague, we are proud to bring you a review of one of Netflix's latest original offerings, "Re:Mind." Lately, Netflix has been pumping out hit after hit, but does this series keep audiences intrigued? What's The Story On the eve of their high school graduation, 12 young women wake up... Continue Reading →

Examining Indie Horror with The Monkey Farm

Independent filmmaking is something that pretty much anyone can get into these days. With easy to access technology, affordable cameras, and proven success with prior filmmakers at national film festivals, indie horror seems like the best way to get one's foot in Hollywood's extremely selective door. Metroplague recently got our claws on a preview screening... Continue Reading →

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