5 Possession Movies That Grab Ahold of You

Possession movies seem to be a dime a dozen these days. There are some really good ones out there, some extremely bad ones (The Possession), and some very overrated ones. Yes, Veronica, I'm talking about you. At Metroplague we believe in a good-old-fashioned horror binge. So, in honor of Ouija week at the site, here are five possession,... Continue Reading →

We Are Zozo: Exploring the Phenomenon

Every day on paranormal sites and groups, posts like this one can be seen on Ouija boards. Usually, the comments range from, "Don't do it," to "It's all fake." While these are all valid opinions, they can all blend together. One of the more fascinating comments is when the OP gets warned about contacting the... Continue Reading →

5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts of Ouija Boards

To some, the Ouija board is nothing more than a Milton Bradley mind game, to others, the board is a spiritual communication device that gets us in touch with the dead. Then there is the crowd that staunchly believes that the board is a harbinger of doom that is definitely a straight path to possession... Continue Reading →

“Kore De Owarida”-Japanese Ghost Culture

The gloom and doom of modern horror can be fun but knowing the backgrounds of different cultures and their approach to spiritual horror and beliefs can be a real eye-opener. This last week at Metroplague we have been showcasing the Japanese side of horror and oddities. Although we could watch Ju-On all day long, truly... Continue Reading →

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