We Are Zozo: Exploring the Phenomenon

Every day on paranormal sites and groups, posts like this one can be seen on Ouija boards. Usually, the comments range from, “Don’t do it,” to “It’s all fake.” While these are all valid opinions, they can all blend together. One of the more fascinating comments is when the OP gets warned about contacting the demon Zozo through a spirit board.

Zozo seems to be a touchy subject for many believers, but should it be? Modern Ouija culture sure seems to think so. However, taking a look at Zozo and the reputation of its speaker box, Darren Wayne Evans, the changing stories and “facts” seem to be a little muddled. So, put down that planchette and take a journey with us to explore the legend of Zozo, Evan’s beliefs of the demon, and how it has influenced popular culture!

 Zozo “Facts”

According to believers of the demon Zozo, the being has its roots embedded in Africa or Sumeria. This tricky demon is said to go after its victims through Ouija boards. Signs of this entity’s presence in a session can be seen through the planchette moving in a figure-8 formation before scurrying back and forth between the letters Z and O in a reverse pattern.

Those in contact with Zozo will be lured into its grasp slowly. Once it is trusted, the stories say that the demon will ruin the lives of the users. Based on lore, this demon is one of the most powerful demons out there, so refraining from calling upon Zozo during an Ouija Session is a given.

Darren Wayne Evans, The Conductor of the Hype Train

The Zemonologist Himself, Darren Evans

In 2009 Darren Wayne Evans made Ouija culture waves with his widespread Zozo Phenomenon. Evans claims to have been personally impacted by this evil demon. Some of his claims state that:

  • The demon made physical threats towards his daughter
  • Zozo attempted to drown his daughter in the tub
  • The demon infected his daughter with a grave illness that almost took her life

Evans has posted a story on his site stating the “proof” of Zozo, but a simple internet search can disprove some of these truths.

One example of this proof is text taken from the French text, Dictionnaire Infernal. The Paranormal Scholar, This text recounts the story of a French girl in the 1800’s who claimed to be possessed by three demons, one of them being Zozo. According to proper translation of the text reveals that the young woman was faking the possession and the experience was revenge for a beating she had taken earlier in her life.

Changing Stories

As Evan’s popularity arose it seemed that the story behind his experiences with Zozo became an ever-evolving tale that has now heavily tainted Zozo’s credibility among believers in the true supernatural.

Some of the facts that began to change in Evan’s story included:

  • Now his daughter had been temporarily blinded by the demon (Wouldn’t this be something you’d remember the first recounting?).
  • His first encounter with Zozo was in 1982 when he found an Ouija board in his ex-girlfriend’s basement. The word Zozo was engraved on the back.
  • In a 2016 phone interview, Evan’s recounted the same story, only the board had Zozo engraved on the front of the board where the word Ouija usually is.
  • No physical proof of the board has ever been shown. Evans has only drawn a picture of the board for his book, The Zozo Phenomenon (2016).
  • It came out that Evans is a huge Led Zepplin fan. Jimmy Page used the symbol Zoso on thier album, Zoso. (Not) Surprisingly, Evan’s rendition of the word Zozo is displayed in a very similar way to the album.

Zozo in Popular Culture

Zozo has become quite popular in recent years and has quickly grown to “ultimate Ouija villain” status. The demon even got its own movie in 2013’s I Am Zozo.  This film also featured an appearance by Evans himself. Evans and Zozo have also been featured on the enormously popular television series, Ghost Adventures.

Even theme parks have gotten in on the Zozo craze. In 2016, Buena Park, CA, theme park Knotts Berry Farm hosted a Zozo themed scare-room at their premier Halloween event, Knotts Scary Farm. The attraction has not yet returned to the park, but footage from the wonderful Theme Park HD Channel is available.

Also with the popularity of Zozo has come the emergence of…well.., more juvenile tastes. Several YouTubers across the nation have begun the craze of Overnight or 3 a.m. challenges where creepy dares are played out.

Of course, one of these stunts is an attempt to conjure up Zozo. While this is played out as truth, it is quite obvious that this channel and YouTuber (JayStation), are just out to entertain teens and gullible adults with their supernaturally disrespectful themed videos. I won’t say any more about these guys because I would hate to have this hard crew gunning for me on the internet, but you will easily see what I mean below.


Zozo: Fact or Figment of an Overactive Imagination?

Zozo is really quite the tale. In the end, it’s really up to you to decide whether or not to believe in it. Is Zozo a demon? Is Zozo a negative spirit that is masquerading as a demon? Who knows? All we know is that one man has gained a lot of notoriety for his unveiling of this modern urban legend, and he has left quite the imprint, for better or worse, on Ouija culture. Personally, we believe that Zozo is something that people will to appear during a session. However, that is another subject for another time.

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