5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts of Ouija Boards

To some, the Ouija board is nothing more than a Milton Bradley mind game, to others, the board is a spiritual communication device that gets us in touch with the dead. Then there is the crowd that staunchly believes that the board is a harbinger of doom that is definitely a straight path to possession (I call them the “ZoZos”).

The board has rules, and although rules were meant to be broken, Metroplague is here to give some well-known and little-known do’s and don’ts to follow for those of us that are curious about picking up the planchette and playing ghost Chatroulette. So, dim the lights, get comfortable, and make sure that you try this at home.

5 Ouija Rules to Follow

1. Place a Silver Coin on the Board

Silver seems to be the cure-all ward when it comes to evil. Thus, it makes sense that placing a silver coin on the board would help with protecting a user from bad spirits or demons. Remember, use a silver coin, for a quarter made after 1965 will surely leave you in the path for an exorcism.

2. State Your Intentions

In order to get the experience that you truly desire, it is recommended that you state your intentions aloud. This goes for both positive and negative intentions. If you are seeking a positive outcome, say a prayer to further solidify your intentions.

3. Set the Mood for the Spirits

No, this doesn’t mean you need to start blaring some Marvin Gaye, but here are some things that you can prepare to let the spirits know that you are prepared to communicate.

  • Light some white candles to show good intent,
  • Place quartz crystals in the room where your session is being held,
  • Burn sage or incense,
  • Shut the lights off in the room,
  • Make a circle of salt around the board (Yes, Morton’s works just fine).

4. Record Your Sessions

Whether you go into your session believing in it wholeheartedly or are a true skeptic, the outcome of your session could be surprising. Make sure to keep a record of what occurs throughout the night. You can achieve this through a video recording or by writing down a

Copywrite: Ghost Diaries

summary of your questions and answers that you receive.

Keeping a record of your sessions is helpful should you want to carry on a conversation with a spirit in the future or want to use certain answers as means of ensuring that the spirit you are communicating with can be trusted.

5. Say ‘Goodbye’

This is one of the most basic rules. Yet, time after time, popular fiction proves that failing to do so can be the cause of a lingering presence. Stay tuned for some real stories that warn against forgetting to bid your spirits “adieu” after your Ouija session.

5 Things to Never Do During an Ouija Session

1. Don’t Be Under the Influence

Drugs, alcohol, illness or even a bad mood can have an inverse effect on users. It is said that being in these conditions can leave the body vulnerable to possession.

2. Don’t Call a Specific Person

Don't Be This Guy
Don’t Be This Guy

Bad spirits can be tricky and have been said to let you hear what you want to hear at the time. This includes posing as a specific relative or individual that you are attempting to communicate with. Also, calling out a specific entity right off the bat can be an intrusion on their time. Even with the dead, there is etiquette to communication.

3. Don’t Ask About the Future

As mentioned above, negative entities will try to trick you. The board is not a looking glass into the future, and the average spirit wouldn’t be able to tell you what is going to happen in the coming days. It has been said that being “shown the future” can be a way to get a person addicted to using the board, thus, opening their body up to permanent squatters from the afterlife.

4. Don’t Forget the Planchette Rules

The planchette is your main form of communication in a session. This tool in itself has rules:

  1. Do not leave the planchette on the board when the board is not in use.
  2. Never remove the planchette from the board during a session.

5. Forget Your Common Sense

These should be some obvious tips but still, people lose their common sense with the paranormal sometimes and just do stupid stuff.

  1. Don’t play alone
  2. Don’t taunt the spirits or you may end up with a Bagan’s eye (If you don’t know, check out Demon House)
  3. Don’t play in a graveyard
  4. Don’t force people to play that aren’t comfortable
  5. Don’t worry about ZOZO…(Don’t worry, we get to him Wednesday)
  6. Don’t burn the board
  7. Don’t ask when you will die

Is It Just a Game?

Board Rules
Board Rules

Folklore is something that gets passed down from generation to generation, and it is quite possible that the Ouija board is a victim to the lore that it rests behind. However, the spiritual world and the occult are curious things, and one shouldn’t simply turn up their nose at the possibility of the board being something more than mere myth.

Join us this week as Metroplague explores the cultural significance of Ouija, real-life tales, best and worst possession tales in pop culture, and a special surprise at the end of the week. ‘Til next time, party hearty with your planchette and don’t forget to say goodbye to the ghosts.

We want to know what your stories or beliefs are when discussing an Ouija board. What side of the argument do you land on? Myth or Mystical?

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