Trick R’ Treat Takes Hollywood: Surviving the Hype Train

Upon making the Trick R’ Treat maze official on Twitter, HHN director, John Murdy said that this house has been one ten years in the making. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been seeing fans posting about seeing Sam Hain and friends take over the event, and finally, after years of begging and pleading, we finally got it.

Thanks to the success of 2016’s beloved Krampus maze (in both parks), and Orlando’s very loved Trick R’ Treat scare zone, what was once an underground rumble became a thunderous roar, and it is now time for us all to meet Sam.

Predictions for the Event

While we are very excited about this maze hitting the West Coast, it also should be noted that it is joining an already very popular IP, Netflix’s Stranger Things. Even though Trick is based on a very R-rated film, it still has the visual appeal to attract the younger crowd that is certainly going to be coming in droves for Stranger Things.

We predict that crowds will reach all-time highs at this year’s event and HHN will sell out even on the “slower” nights. Lines for both of these mazes will be extremely long, and frequent haunters should be warned that thanks to the upsidedown, we will be getting a lot of new blood that doesn’t understand haunt or park etiquette. Here’s how we can survive.


  1. Get to the Park Early-Universal usually offers day tickets that allow you to arrive at the park in the afternoon and stay until the fright begins. We did this in 2016, and it ended up being well worth the effort.
  2. Spring for the Front of the Line Pass-You only get HHN once a year. Please, spend the money to get to see it all. Even on slow nights, lines can be a horror show. For your sanity, get ahold of these passes as soon as they go on sale!
  3. They Know Not What They Do-Keep in mind that many people attending this year will be of a much younger demographic and may not have the “haunt class” that most of us West Coast haunters carry. There will be line jumping, immature squeals, spilled drinks and more. Be patient, learn how to deal with annoying people, show them the way, and make sure that they have a great time. We all paid for the event, so working together to keep it civil is key.

We Want Your Thoughts

How do you think two huge IPs like this will impact an already crowded event? What are some of your HHN survival tips!? We want to know! Leave us some love in the comments below or on our Facebook Page. Also, stick around this week as we explore the ins and outs of the wonderful Ouija Board. ‘Til next time, plague on!



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