5 Yurei That You Can Only Hope Are Urban Legend…

Every place has its ghost stories and urban legends. As a bonus post, Metroplague brings you five of Japan’s most terrifying Yurei (Spirits) and the legends behind them. We already showed you the creepy places to visit. Now you can learn about the things you may run into on your journeys. Don’t worry, you should be safe watching these videos. At least until you fall asleep.

5. Jikininki


4. Okiku


3. Teke Teke


2. Onryo


1. Kuchisake-Onna


We Leave You With This Bonus Dare….

Thank you for sticking with us this week for J-Horror Week. Before we leave you until Sunday, we would love you to try these “Curses” and see if there is any merit…

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