Netflix and Kill Review: Re:Mind

In continuation of J-Horror week at Metroplague, we are proud to bring you a review of one of Netflix’s latest original offerings, “Re:Mind.” Lately, Netflix has been pumping out hit after hit, but does this series keep audiences intrigued?

What’s The Story

On the eve of their high school graduation, 12 young women wake up and find themselves in a locked room, and a situation at a dinner table that they won’t soon be getting out of. The girls must find a reason for their being in this strange room and how to get out before it is too late.

The Good

There will be no spoilers in this review, but we can confidently say that there is a lot to like with Re:Mind. The story is a slow-burn and takes several unexpected twists and turns before it reaches its final reveal.


This series is dripping with it, despite really only taking place in one room for about 75 percent of the story. The numerous knick-knacks scattered throughout the room really amp up the creep factor, and add even more gloom to what is already a dire situation.


Director, Akira Uchikata does a fantastic job of framing each scene perfectly. He shows you exactly what he wants you to see at precisely the right time, and the best part is, you may not even realize he is guiding you deeper into the plot with each jump frame until it is too late. The plot is very complex, and Uchikata does a great job of keeping tension high while throwing large amounts of information at the audience.

The Bad


Scream Queens or False Idols? You Decide

We have to be completely honest with you and admit that Re:Mind is an “Idol Series.” This means that the 12 girls involved in the series are part of an idol group. Visit Japan Info for more on Idol Culture. All we can say is, imagine if One Direction starred in a horror series….yeah. It would be that.

The acting is very hit or miss. Some of the girls are absolutely brilliant in their roles and others are painfully asking to be silenced. Not everyone is sincere here, and sometimes it is hard to tell if it is plot subterfuge or just shoddy acting for a paycheck.

Intro Theme

For the love of all things holy, SKIP THE INTRO FOR THIS SHOW! As mentioned before, the actresses are part of the idol group, Hiragana Keyakizaka46. So, it’s only fitting that they sing their own theme song. The theme song to this moody show is so shiny, polished, and happy, that it sucks you out of the mindset of suspense that the opening scene set up.


Although there is nothing too complex involved, if you are not used to following along with foreign films, you may miss some plot points and have to move back.

The Gory

pandaKeep in mind that Re:Mind is much more of a dark drama than a horror series, meaning there is little to no gore. Re:Mind relies on jump-scares and intense plot points to drive its scares. Therefore, although there isn’t gore, that doesn’t mean that viewers won’t be subject to handling issues like suicide, obsession, and sexual abuse in this series. Younger and sensitive viewers be warned.

Final (Girl) Consensus

Re:Mind is not the most exciting show to hit the streaming service, but it definitely held our attention throughout. If you go into this series understanding that its main purpose is for you to play along in the mystery with the characters, then Re:Mind is actually quite a gem. This may not be our first choice for a night in, but it is one to add to your watch-list.

Verdict: 3 Bloody Chainsaws-It’s fun, but there’s better out there.

Follow Metroplague more this week for further glimpses into Japan’s horror culture. Check out our board game review and get ready for haunted attraction news and our big finale…

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