J-Horror Week: Ghost Stories…The Board Game?

All things horror and paranormal are great! Be it movies, books, video games, and even board games. With that being said, behold! I present to you an overview and review of the REPOS Games production of Ghost Stories!

The premise of Ghost Stories is extremely simple. Work with your friends to keep your Monk characters alive as ghosts and demons ravage your town and threaten life as you know it. This game has two goals:

1. Don’t let your village get destroyed

2. Survive the night

How It’s Played

Ghost Stories is an extremely difficult yet easy-to-understand game. It’s cooperative, so everything you need to know to win is available to you.

Each character has unique powers they can use once per turn, and each village tile on the board has a power that you can use as well. The rest of the game is dice-chucking fun and hoping that you can manipulate the outcomes to your desire. Now, I’m no good at explaining these things, I’m only good at playing them. Listen to this guy to learn how to play in in a few minutes:

But…Is It Fun to Play with Ghosts?


Although the premise of Ghost Stories is simple enough, the game itself is overwhelmingly difficult. However, don’t let this throw you off. Ghost Stories is a fun game, with a great theme, and even though the mechanics of the game remain the same, players will never play the same game twice.

Strategy and teamwork is key to winning this game, and even with the best minds, players will only win about 1 in 3 games. Ghost Stories even comes with 4 levels of difficulty, even though the first level itself starts out at a very difficult level in the average game.

The setup and take down is relatively painless. Basically, set up the board, deal tokens to players, and get “exorcising”. Also, the time length is a plus. Games can last between 15 and 60-minutes.

Recommended For…

Anyone who is tired of the monotony of Monopoly and Sorry but who isn’t quite ready to take on Arkham Horror or other games beyond the gateway offerings. The difficulty of Ghost Stories is a bit much for kids under 12, and the artwork, though cartoonish, tends to lean on the gory side.

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We have some fun posts for you coming! Look out for some ghastly Japanese legends, a review of the Netflix series, Remind, and a look at the cultural differences between Eastern and Western beliefs in ghosts! Be sure to follow us for more fear!

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