3 ‘Stranger Things’ Scares We Need at Halloween Horror Nights 2018

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you already know that both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando are bringing the Netflix hit, ‘Stranger Things’ as a headliner to 2018’s Halloween Horror Nights.

This is a move HHN fans have been asking for, and finally, in 2018, guests to the famed horror event will get to take a trip into the upside-down. The real question lies in what we should expect in this new maze. The staff at Metroplague has experience with haunted attractions and has come up with a list of three scares that would be effective and fun in this otherworldly venture.

1. Scrim Scares in the Byers House

Scrim scares have been used well in the past at HHN. Guests have seen it done in houses based on A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010), and La Llorona. This is a classic scare where the surroundings on the wall change with the light in order to reveal a hidden scene. In the Freddy example, guests would walk down a school hallway and as the lighting changed, the walls would become a blood-red boiler room.

For ‘Stranger Things,’ Universal can attempt to recreate the Byers house from season 1. The iconic X-mas light communication board on the living room wall could serve as a great first foyer into this fictional world.

As guests walk in the lights can flicker and images of the upside down or a Demogorgon lurking behind the walls can frighten audiences. The scare can be accompanied by a scare from a frantic Ms. Byers leaping out at the audience with some sort of weapon as the pass into the next room.

2. Add a Physical Touch to the Upside Down

While the upside-down itself is sure to be a set piece at either park, we think adding a slimy touch to the walls or spongey padding on the floor for a sinking effect would be frightastic.

Stranger Things Spirit Board
Courtesy of CBS and Netflix

Knotts Scary Farm pulled a physical gag off in past years when guests had to walk down a narrow hallway made of black hair during their Grudge 2 maze.  We remember walking through this set and being sucked into the atmosphere. While ‘Stranger Things’ will have no trouble immersing an audience, we think a physical gag like this will further pull guests into the lore.

3. Bus Attack!!

San Diego’s premier attraction, The Haunted Trail has a great claustrophobia-inducing scene where participants board a bus full of (Insert Popular Monster) and must make their way to the back where they are led off.

A similar gag can be seen at Fort Worth’s Hangman’s House of Horrors where guests traverse through a run-down, cramped trailer that is being overrun by the undead. This is a simple, yet extremely unnerving scare.

As far as ‘Stranger Things’ goes, Universal has the budget to add a bus scene that replicates the bus where Dustin, Max, and Steve hide out while on the hunt for Dart. Imagine the physical, sound, and mental scares that can happen through this brief scene as young Demogorgons attack your surroundings!

Metroplague Wants to Hear Your Ideas!

This post is pure speculation and that is the fun of the months leading up to this epic Halloween event! Were we spot-on? Do you think there should be a different opening scene?

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think will be key scares and scenes in what is sure to be the most popular house at both American Halloween Horror Nights events!

3 thoughts on “3 ‘Stranger Things’ Scares We Need at Halloween Horror Nights 2018

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  1. Bus would be a tad hard to do, due to the sheer volume. Did a bus for a jeepers creepers haunt it’s fun but time consuming.


    1. You make a very valid point!! This would be difficult with the boards of crowds that are gonna show this year!!


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