999 Happy Haunts, but Always Room for 1,000

Photo Credit: Marc Davis, Walt Disney Studios

Disneyland and Disney World are the places of dreams for children and adults alike.  With happy-go-lucky vibes around, it is hard to pinpoint an ounce of sorrow behind any aspect of a Disney park…that is unless you’re the one fronting the bill. OR you are one of the unfortunate souls to remain in the park after your visit.

From ghostly shopkeepers to ashes spread where no ashes should fall, Disney does have its fair share of stories with a major creep factor.  Yes, the story about the crying boy in the haunted mansion, or the Small World suicide are all fun urban legends to joke about, but according to past cast members,  there are some very freaky happenings that go on behind the scenes (And we aren’t talking about Prince Eric and Belle, either).

As a short extra for you all, and a prelude to my Haunted Mansion history series in August,  I’ve provided a few videos that feature Disney ghost stories, famous Disney deaths, and my personal favorite Disney CreepyPasta.  Grab your Mouse Ears and make a homemade Dole Whip (Recipe HERE) before sitting down to this ghastly hour.  Until Monday, Plague Rats, enjoy.


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