Southern Gothic: Interview with a Vampyr

Jackson faces the light of the future head on.

Monte Jackson, AKA, Sans Mortis, is an extremely talented artist, tattoo artist, creator, and shop owner of the Etsy store Shoe Coven.  Did we mention that he also rocks a mean pair of fangs on the daily?

Yes, Metroplague had the chance to organize an actual interview with a vampire.  This Southern gentleman of the night was kind enough to grant our wish, and provided us with a video answering our questions from his very posh looking headquarters.  So sadly, there would be no turning for our reporters during this tale.

During the interview, Jackson discusses the secret to “immortality,” his inspiration for his art and Etsy shop creations, and of course, what his favorite horror film is!  So sit back, relax, and be mesmerized into buying all of his wares as you watch the confessions of Sans Mortis in the video below.


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