DJ Carrie Monster: Blasting Tunes from the Crypt to the Crowds

When DJ Carrie Monster walked into the room at The Church where several Convergence 23 attendees gathered for a day-time event, several in attendance floated towards her with smiles.  It was as if she was some kind of magnetic force drawing in the vibes of the room to store them up for a release of positivity at her upcoming performances that night.

Monster walked into the dimly lit room, slowly recovering from an eventful night before that ended in an ankle wrap and evidence that she is a believer in the old saying, “the show must go on.”

Monster hails from Chicago, IL, and is on the committee that manages the annual Convergence event in its various locations.  During our conversation, we discussed where the best place in Dallas was to get tacos and Tex-Mex, heavy hitters in the Psychobilly music, and her top kill, marry and screw celebrities.  I can just say that Robert Smith didn’t fare too well.

The first topic of discussion was how she got into performing as a DJ in the 90’s.

“I was in a bar, and I bet the bartender that if I could toss a piece of popcorn into his drink that he would let me DJ,” she said, and the rest is Monster history.  When discussing her top picks to play during sets, Monster said some of her favorites include Psychobilly tunes, classics like Bauhaus; the choice really depends on the theme of the night and the crowd involved.

At the conclusion of our interview, Monster gave some advice for aspiring DJs in any music scene.

“Just get out there and do it.  Know your music and don’t rely on the internet for everything.  Get out there and seek bands, ask bands for demos.  Just get involved with your community and practice, practice, practice,” she said.

For the COMPLETE interview with all of the details on her thoughts of Dallas, the love of the Goth scene and more, visit our SoundCloud link below!!!

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