There Can Never Be Too Much Horror Business!

Devilish Drops works with a guest to help them plan their next blood bath!

Aside from music, fashion and accessories seem to be one of the most surface-level defining elements of Goth culture.  Sure, Goths can be found wearing lots of dark colors, but black isn’t the only thing in fashion these days.

Recently at a vendor’s event at The Church in Dallas, Metroplague caught up with some local and neighboring businesses that specifically cater to individuals seeking to express their individuality in a unique way.  During Metroplague’s time with shop owners, we were able to get a glimpse of why they do what they do and what their work means to them.  We plan on going into detail with some of these business owners in their own features on Metroplague.  However, in the spirit of community and the love of all things in the culture, Metroplague is here to provide its readers with a look at some of the items on offer from these businesses and where these items can be purchased.

Remember, my plague rats, although these businesses are local to Dallas and its surrounding communities, with the power of the internet, it is possible to get these items in hand no matter the location!  Without further adieu, I present a list of the shops we met with, as well as contact info and pictures.

Amordolos Productions, LLC:

Oh BOOOooook!

Located in Dallas, TX, Amordolos Productions specializes facades, sets, props for haunted attractions, corsets, costumes and more!  This business is in place to raise money to fund a local haunted attraction, Angie Stephens, the owner organizes each year with her husband Randy (More on them later….HINT HINT).  Check out some of their detailed journals, props, and corsets below.


Angie Stephens with her Lovecraftian themed Corset








Caveat Emptor Historical Millinery:

Hats, Hats, Hats!

Run out of Austin, TX by Luna Chenault, Caveat Emptor Historical Millinery is a business that makes historically styled women’s hats.

Luna Chenualt smiling in front of her lovely hats.

Chenault’s inspiration is from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and she uses vintage/antique/re-used materials to create her products.




Devilish Drops:

With bath bombs being all the rage these days, it was inevitable that a brand like Devilish Drops would hit the scene.  With taglines like “Drop in for a Hell of a good time” and “Ever wish to bathe in the blood of your enemies?” there doesn’t need to be further explanation of what these bath bombs portray.  However, if curiosity hasn’t killed your cat yet, be sure to drop in on their Etsy page for a video demonstration that would get Elizabeth Bathory going!

Darkest Candy Designs:

Arhythmia Hart is a creator of jewelry from the most unlikely materials around town.  Darkest Candy Designs offers jewelry, accessories, and gifts crafted from mediums like bone and velvet.

For more information, visit Darkest Candy Designs at their Etsy page.

JP Provins: 

Austin, TX, native JP Provins is a self-taught multimedia artist that specializes in masks, three-dimensional art, at props, according to his web page.

Provins and Delilah B. posing in front of their works.

Provins says that his inspirations range from dreams to whatever catches his fancy at the time.  For a frightful mask to wear to your next masquerade, look up Provins for your best bet to shock the party.

Jessica’s Charms:

Offering chokers and other forms of stylish jewelry, Lewisville, TX’s, Jessica’s Charms is sure to charm you into purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry from their shop.

 Syppah’s Cute Creations:

Jessica Dean (Right) encourages us all to just get Syppah!!!

Veering on the lighter side of the darkness Syppah’s Cute Creations’ Jessica Dean offers handmade crocheted items, art, skirts, shirts and much more!  With a shop that is literally named “Happy’s” backward, they sure live up to their name with their bright colors on each of their dark works.

Angel’s Devilish Creations:

Angel Laveaux, an artist from Austin, TX works with various mediums from paints to markers and acrylic inks.  According to her web page, her subject matter shifts around, but she always tends to gravitate towards the darker side of life.  Be sure to check out her site for your next piece to hang on the wall!



Personal Quaintrelle:

Hey! Get up close and “Personal” with your jewels!

Lydia Vega owns the awesome quality custom jewelry shop Personal Quaintrelle, based out of Dallas, TX.  She aims to please by creating custom works that people can proudly wear and show off for a price tag of under 50 bucks!  From Frida Kahlo Chokers to Transformer inspired pieces (#teamDecepticon), there is a little something for everyone at Personal Quaintrelle’s corner of Etsy.

Spacey Space Pixie:

One could get lost in these spacey works.

Space may be seen as the final frontier for many Sci-Fi fans, for Spacey Space Pixie, it is only the beginning of a shining future.  With “Space Bottles” and various styles of spray paint and other art on offer, all with a space age theme, Spacey Space Pixie is another shop to go to if you want some great designs to decorate the walls of your tomb.

Itty Bitty Kawaii Shop:

Metroplague ends this post with another trip down the brighter side of fashion with Itty Bitty Kawaii Shop, offering handmade items and cute gifts in the Kawaii, Harajuku, Lolita, Cosplay fashions.  Boasting a style of child-like charm, as seen on their website, Itty Bitty Kawaii Shop may just be the bright touch that your latest outfit needs.


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