Kayako Vs. Sadako is a “Ringer” that Doesn’t Leave Viewers with a “Grudge”

To say that Sadako Vs. Kayako (The Ring Vs. The Grudge) is something that J-Horror fans will be pulling their hair out for out of glee is simply put, a mother lovin’ understatement.

It’s never good to hold a grudge…

The 2016 film, directed by Koji Shirairshi brings Sadako and Kayako, our favorite long-haired spirits against each other in the now unavoidable “Vs.” trend in films that stems from the cult favorite Freddy Vs. Jason.  The plot is about a group of……wait, I don’t have to summarize this thing.  Let’s face it, viewers aren’t scrambling to watch this for the plot, they just want to see two big screen threats go at it in a massive girl fight!

With confidence, Metroplague can say that the final fight does not disappoint, and the rest of the movie doesn’t either.  There are plenty of scares from both Kayako and Sadako, and the story of how they eventually clash, although far-fetched, makes sense for the tone of this movie. From likable main characters to a surprising amount of comic relief that works well, this movie knows what it’s audience wants and pulls no punches; there are no PG-13 gags here, seeing as this horror show is Not Rated.

If you are already a fan of either the Ju-On or Ringu series, this is a must see (Especially over Rings).  However, if you are like some people I know that get scared shitless from these characters, the best recommendation Metroplague can give you is to stay away.

Keep in mind that unless you want to spend more than $40 to get the Blu-ray on Amazon, you will have to subscribe to Shudder to watch this movie.  However, at $6 a month with an Amazon Prime account (which can be paid $10 monthly with easy cancellation), this should not deter fans from watching.

Check out the trailer below and make sure you do not miss this movie.

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