Podcast Review: Hillbilly Horror Stories Offers Hand-In-Hand Frights & Fun

Comedy and chills make good bedfellows in Hillbilly Horror Stories.

Although hosts Jerry and Tracy Paulley operate out of Kentucky (KY), their haunting airwaves and Southern charm still reach the ears of the Dallas Metroplex.  Hillbilly Horror Stories (HHS) is the name of their weekly podcast, and their mixture of comedy and fright helps the show live up to its catchy name.

HHS is not the average “Horror” podcast.  While it does feature both personal and listener paranormal experiences, the show is no one trick pony.  When tuning into HHS, listeners can expect a variety of themes that revolve around the paranormal.  From Elvis Presley’s occult experiences to tales from Aokigahara “Suicide” Forest in Japan, the Paulleys never have a dull moment on air, with the hard work and extensive research that they put into the broadcast shining through each episode.

Usually, a paranormal podcast that is more on the informative side of things as this one is would not easily appeal to me.  However, the tone of the show and the delivery of both Jerry and Tracy’s dialogue is so smooth, that sometimes, I forget that I am listening to a podcast in the car, and feel more like I am on the listening end of a conversation with old friends.  I really think that the ease of loving this podcast stems from Jerry’s standup comedy background and Tracy’s love of quirky humor mixed with the excitement and content of the weekly topics.

If someone were to ask me any negative aspects of the show, I could name two things.  Sometimes the guest interviews in the very early episodes don’t match the quality of the later shows, but that is to be expected with ANY startup in entertainment.  The other con related to the show is the fact that it is only once a week.  I understand that podcasting is a job in itself on top of the issues of everyday life, but the greedy human in me just wants that EXTRA dose of black humor in my horror.

As of the publication of this post, both issues have already been resolved via equipment upgrades and a Patreon that offers an extra show at a $3 a month donation.

I could go on and on all day about how thankful I am for this show’s existence, but I’ll leave you with a link to the podcast’s EPISODES.   HHS can also be found and subscribed to on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.

Until next post spread the plague throughout the Metroplex, my friends.

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