Metroplague Presents: Sunset House (Part 1)

Sunset HouseMarch 18, 1948

This is the confession of a family man. A simple man that wanted nothing more than to leave his old life as a moderately successful Irish businessman behind and enjoy the wealth of underground Hollywoodland success. A man whose business burned secretly through the lenses of casting directors on all major lots. A man whose name was used discreetly, spoken only on the hushed lips of actresses wanting a big break, or the producers wanting a hot reel to “pre-screen” up-and-coming talent. Yes, this is the confession of a family man, who hid his nightmares behind the dreamy visage of a mansion that rested atop Sunset Blvd. It was, and still is a beacon of wealth, but as he would learn in due time, money can’t buy salvation, only a tainted form of happiness. -Creep Yourself Out Here>

Examining Indie Horror with The Monkey Farm

Independent filmmaking is something that pretty much anyone can get into these days. With easy to access technology, affordable cameras, and proven success with prior filmmakers at national film festivals, indie horror seems like the best way to get one’s foot in Hollywood’s extremely selective door.

Metroplague recently got our claws on a preview screening of Catch Me Kill Me Production’s latest found footage horror film, The Monkey Farm. -Catch More Here>

Review: The Blackwell Ghost

The Blackwell Ghost ReviewWith shows I used to love like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters fading from popularity among viewers due to obvious stunts or just the cheese factor, it was a bit refreshing to see a film like The Blackwell Ghost show up on my recommended feed.  At first glance, I thought this would be a film along the lines of Grave Encounters or other movies of the genre that try to emulate the feeling of watching a “true” documentary ghost show gone wrong.  In fact, I was sure that’s what it was, even after performing some light research before spending 3 dollars on the Amazon rental.  I mean, no one is making real documentaries about ghosts!  This couldn’t be the ONE true documentary where the shit hits the fan and it’s all caught on film……right? -Find Out Here>

HHN Editorial: What’s in an Icon? I Don’t Know Jack!

The Director, the only Icon that was semi-shared with Hollywood

On both coasts, Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights is all about one thing, the houses.  Usually,  the Hollywood and Orlando parks have some overlapping themes, like this year’s “The Shining,” but there is one thing that the parks have really never had in common.  Say it with me, “Hollywood always skimps out on an icon!!!” -Scream On Here>